Foursquare is upgrading its servers

There is a thing about me and new social networks. Being an early adopter has a lot of advantages, but more than a few silly inconveniences as well. Back in the day, I was one of the first among my friends to notice the failwhale on twitter. Yes, people used web twitter back then.

Facebook has also annoyed me with a lot of bugs, pucks and design changes over the years. Though I would commend on its ability to not dish out a 404 page every now and then.

The latest in the line of #fail is foursquare. It has still not penetrated India as well as it would have liked, but things are getting better. Just this morning, on just my second check in, I was made the Mayor of the Mc Donalds outlet near my house. That can tell  you about the penetration more than anything else.

But as I said, things are looking good, and foursquare are positive towards their India plans. Which is why I suppose you would get the following message if you went to their website right now:

Four Square Down

Annoying, yes. But signs of better things to come as well.


The Singleton Conundrum


Life, as we know it has ceased to exist. Which is precisely the reason why we are living in the anti-life and wondering what life is all about in the first place. There are two kinds of people in the world. The first kind devote their life to figure out their life. The other kind are bloggers.

The other day, I was walking down the street muttering mere nothings under my breath. Just as I was about to enter my block that an elderly man called out in my general direction.

“Hey!”, he croaked.

I made the sign which said, “you mean me?”

He nodded aggressively. Yes, you can figure out an aggressive nod from a non aggressive one. I strolled over. He asked me what the hell was I doing there. I thought he was asking me why the hell am I living?

I told him that I lived here and had been living next door to him for the past one year. “Oh!” he said, and went back to the darkness beyond his balcony door.”

I was left wondering a few things. Firstly, if he was suspecting foul play, did he expect a thief to tell him that “Hello sir, I am a thief, and you can stuff yourself.”

Secondly, when I told him that I lived nearby, he believed it. This is a very important cheat for all thieves in my neighborhood. Just lie about your residence and you will be all right.

I know I am being a bit harsh on the old man, but what the hell was he thinking? Why do people have to be so concerned about others before wondering what they can do to make themselves better. I think I am high.

Post Script: This is not about figuring out my life. I am all right, thank you very much.

Random Musings of a Disinterested Cricketer

by Ankit Mishra, who is far away from being random, is no one’s muse, is a jolly good fella and has played cricket only till college level.


The Prince Singer saga – chapter one


Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

22nd April 2012


Here I am, sitting in the VVVIP lounge of the Mumbai airport which is so VVVIP that the VVIPs have never heard of it. They tell me it is reserved for the Cricketers, A-List Actors and IPL Team Owners. I am alone. And to think that I had it all and threw it away.

A few years ago, I was the heartthrob of the nation. I used to date one of the hottest discards of Bollywood. What was her name? Yeah, Rin Karma. She used to wake me up every morning with her favorite chant of “rise and shine, my little superstar” with emphasis on the words little and superstar. Being six foot two, I could never understand the reference to the word ‘little’. But I found it sweet.

On the cricket field, I was soon becoming invincible, with the Ravi Shashtri book of cliches adding a word dedicated just for me – “vivacious” and Laxman Sivaramakrishan flowering me with his special – “the special one”. Life was good.

Even the break up with Rin didn’t hurt as much as a few injuries and the formation of the IPL. Mom had warned me against going to a team just for the worldly attractions. She wanted me to go to the one which offered the highest cash. I tried to explain that that was exactly how an auction functioned, but she would have none of it.

Eventually, she was somehow right and I was not even bid for as the IPL top dudes brought up this ‘icon’ thingy in which the top five Indian players would get 15% more than the highest bid player in their respective team, but would have to play for their respective home teams.

The thought of being among the top 5 Indian players was great, but I knew I might be short changed. The only plus point was that one of the owners of my team caught my fancy. My previous attempts at getting with actresses had proved futile (remember the case of Sleepika and of course, Rin). But this time i saw a glimmer of hope.

On the day of the auction, a day where I would get to know how rich I actually was going to be, everything started out well. The fact that initially only the Sri Lankans were being selected gave me hope of getting with the owner who caught my fancy – Sweety Printout.

to be continued…

(which precisely means is that more shall be written if less is appreciated)

Hello world!

Hello world indeed. This is the commencement of a journey, which you, me and my live writer would undertake through the ups, the downs and the funny things of life. Before all that gets underway, let me introduce you to me.

My name is Ankit, and I am a neo-enthusiast. Such a term doesn’t exist so don’t look it up. It just looks cool these days to invent words. I am getting pretty good at it. Among other self-proclaimed gems are “dumbslog millionaire”, “pseudo-pseudo” and “wannabe-retard”. By the way, it is also cool these days to “self-proclaim”. I am on a roll here!

During the human hours, I am an MBA student in Maximum City. I am also the top dude over at Paddle Sweep, a non-self-proclaimed decent cricket blog.

I bid you goodbye for now, but only to return soon, as there are a lot of stuff in the world to peel off your brain with. Interact with me on Facebook, Twitter and Paddle Sweep.