The Singleton Conundrum


Life, as we know it has ceased to exist. Which is precisely the reason why we are living in the anti-life and wondering what life is all about in the first place. There are two kinds of people in the world. The first kind devote their life to figure out their life. The other kind are bloggers.

The other day, I was walking down the street muttering mere nothings under my breath. Just as I was about to enter my block that an elderly man called out in my general direction.

“Hey!”, he croaked.

I made the sign which said, “you mean me?”

He nodded aggressively. Yes, you can figure out an aggressive nod from a non aggressive one. I strolled over. He asked me what the hell was I doing there. I thought he was asking me why the hell am I living?

I told him that I lived here and had been living next door to him for the past one year. “Oh!” he said, and went back to the darkness beyond his balcony door.”

I was left wondering a few things. Firstly, if he was suspecting foul play, did he expect a thief to tell him that “Hello sir, I am a thief, and you can stuff yourself.”

Secondly, when I told him that I lived nearby, he believed it. This is a very important cheat for all thieves in my neighborhood. Just lie about your residence and you will be all right.

I know I am being a bit harsh on the old man, but what the hell was he thinking? Why do people have to be so concerned about others before wondering what they can do to make themselves better. I think I am high.

Post Script: This is not about figuring out my life. I am all right, thank you very much.


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